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Black Officer Talks Black Lives Matter

When people talk about the Black Lives Matter movement being a war on cops, or that it somehow elevates black lives over the lives of others, Clayton Moore has something to say.

Building Police Forces That Reflect the Community

Police forces are becoming more diverse, but in many areas, law enforcement is still predominantly white even when the community it serves is not. This creates an obvious line between groups, and doesn’t give communities of color a sense that they’re seen as equal and integral to the community as a whole.

The Time to Improve Cultural Awareness Training Is NOW

Retired police officer Clayton Moore says we need more cultural diversity training to understand that discrimination in the criminal justice system is real. It’s happening, and we’ve got to quit trying to skate over it.

We Need Better Law Enforcement Mental Health Screening. Here’s Why.

When it comes to power-hungry, hero-complex cops, it’s much easier to target marginalized groups such as people of color. To keep citizens and police officers safe, we must implement more stringent psychological screening because research shows that officers who share these traits are more likely to fire their weapons.

Unpacking Inner Bias

Inner biases and prejudices are real. We all have them. And in order to overcome them, we’ve got to acknowledge and address them.

Defund the Police = Pay for Tools, Training Instead of Mistakes

A lot of people think defunding the police means taking money away from the police — period — but that’s not what it means at all. Retired police sergeant Clayton Moore explains that the Defund the Police movement is really about spending law enforcement budgets on the right tools and training rather than on costly mistakes.

Creating Healthy Community-Police Relationships

When people in the community feel like they have a positive relationship with the police, they can trust that the police are there to help them. This fosters peace of mind and trust.

A Personal Look at Racial Profiling

Retired police sergeant Clayton Moore shares an intimate look at his experience as a black man, a black cop, and the husband of a white woman being pulled over by the police.
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